Innovation on one level
with the utmost precision.

We plan for you, we advise and support you both with the development of an overall concept for your CAD design and with the CNC production and the subsequent construction.

Success begins with the correct attention to the requirements.

Careful listening and experience help us to correctly grasp a task, develop ideas and find and implement solutions.

Because we know what matters.

A holistic approach to all factors relevant to manufacture ensures that you have a competitive advantage from working with us.

We pay attention to detail – and to everything which contributes to creating a real product from your individual requirements. With the utmost precision, in the best quality.

Throughout the whole manufacturing process – planning, design, implementation and quality control – we audit, monitor and adjust continuously based on precise product data.

We process all metals from aluminium or stainless steel to high-strength special materials and are of course also well-versed in processing a wide range of plastics. We have many years of experience with steel, stainless steel and aluminium products.

Our machine tools are designed with the utmost precision in mind, so that we can mill and turn your products with maximum accuracy.

Before completed parts leave our premises they obviously undergo quality control and are checked against predetermined inspection criteria. At the request of the customer, each completed part can be delivered with an inspection report.

Our central in-house data network ensures that all machines have unproblematic access to all programs and allows us to deploy the machines flexibly.

The machines are programmed from the office and are monitored and analysed in real time in order to achieve as smooth a manufacturing process as possible.


We use the CAD/CAM system for the computer-aided programming of your parts. We are always at the cutting edge of technology through continuous further development and ongoing updates.

The very latest techniques make it possible for us to mill complicated freeform surfaces and carry out 5-axis simultaneous machining.

With the networking of our production and an integrated concept, even across diverse elements of the process, we can ensure that we take advantage of all achievable synergy effects.

We are in a position to process the following data formats: Step, igs, dxf, dwg and x_t


Our experts provide the solutions for machine engineering, vehicle engineering and plant engineering.

As your CNC production partner we are happy to adapt to the wishes of our customers and accompany them from the idea through the CAD drawing to the CNC production. We can manufacture from both 2D drawings (PDF) and 3D models (STEP). Whether you just need CNC individual parts or prototypes or are thinking of series production.

We are your CNC partners both for the manufacture of individual parts and prototypes and for series production, please contact us.

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