From prototypes to series production.

In our processing centres we can manufacture high precision and high quality components which meet your most stringent requirements.

With the aid of precise 3D measurement technology and the latest CNC machines we manufacture manually executed precision parts tailored to your needs.

We manufacture everything from complex individual parts and small batches to series production.

Highly complex milled parts are also not a problem due to the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous machining.


or parts with relatively simple geometrics we use 3-axis CNC milling machines, the advantage here being the low initial costs.

maximum dimensions: 1560mm x 600mm


Highly complex milled parts are not a problem due to the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous machining. The advantage here lies in increased productivity due to the minimised number of machine settings.

maximum dimensions: 650mm x 650mm


With our CNC lathes we are in a position to manufacture cost-effective parts for simple cylindrical geometrics. Selected machines have a twin turrent or a twin spindel which enables us to manufacture highly complex contours very economically.

maximum dimensions: 340mm x 620mm


Effective manufacture processes with robot-assisted manufacturing cells

A robotic manufacturing cell which with intelligent task management is able to supply several Hermle 5-axis milling machines at maximum capacity 24/7 makes it possible for us to operate efficiently and flexibly and to react to customer wishes.

In the area of turning, we are also in a position to undertake automated manufacture, in order to be able to produce larger quantities efficiently.


We have for many years been partnered with certificated specialist welding companies in the area, so that we are in a position to respond flexibly and individually to customer wishes and thus offer even the most complicated welded constructions.