Robot-assisted manufacturing processes

On the way to Industry 4.0 “Innovation through investment” we have since 2019 focused on automation technology, as a first step with 5-axis simultaneous machining, to achieve even greater efficiency in production.

The manufacturing process with a fully automated manufacturing cell does not only offer economic benefits to our customers in machine, vehicle and plant engineering.

Automated manufacture reduces environmental influences on the production process, which increases the quality and safety of the process.

Ice-cream cone makers

Spare part specialisation for 20 years

We produce spare parts for all types of ice-cream cone maker. We can ensure the cost-effective and high quality production of any spare part which requires mechanical processing.

We can completely refurbish your ice-cream cone maker – from the removal heads through the rolling mould and the rolling core to the complete baking chain.

We also offer used ice-cream cone machines, which can be modified specially for customers. On request, we can equip your machines with our stainless steel rolling moulds.